Brief Working Detail & Salient Technical Features
Bharat Fodder Chopper ( High Capacity Chaff Cutter) & Trolley Loader

Our Bharat Fodder Chopper ( High Capacity Chaff Cutter) & Trolley Loader is unique product, operated by tractor of 25 Hp or more & is suitable for chaff cutting & loading of chaffed fodder crops like Maize, Bajra, chari, Rai grass, etc. The system of cutting is based on the Chaff cutting machine with the help of Tokas & Trolley loading of the chaffed Fodder is done by Cutting unit it self, with the help of thrower plates fitted on it. It transfer the chaffed fodder to Trolley by throwing it in trolley loading assembly. The feeding chute is provided with 6 belt conveyor & the crop is feeded in manually in the farm after harvesting the Fodder crop by Fodder Reaper or manually. This Thresher can even chaff cut the moist crop. This Fodder Chopper & Trolley Loader is provided with gear box system to reverse the feeding of the Fodder, whenever the Fodder is choked in the feeding mouth & you have not to stop the Cutter. While in the way to the field on road the Trolley Loading assembly is made to move & assembled so that it do not disturb the traffic & take the space according to the Tractor.

Salient Technical Features Of Bharat Fodder Chopper ( High Capacity Chaff Cutter) & Trolley Loader
  • Bearing size of gear shafts, Cutter head etc. are done by grinding for giving proper fitting of bearings. All the bearings of gear box, cutter head are covered by seals & dust covers to protect from dust and are provided with grease nipples of good quality for proper greasing. C.I. brackets used are of heavy duty good quality make.
  • All the brackets used in gear box & cutter head are made out of Sera Sand Casting & threading is provided in brackets holes for fitting of puller.
  • All the machine is fitted by good quality nuts, bolts & spring washers to make it folding.
  • All the Fodder Cutter parts are made by using Zig fixtures & dyes to give it a complete interchangeability of parts.
  • Conveyor belt for feeding the crop is made of conveyor belt not made from old tyre.
  • Heavy good quality V-belt pulleys are used and a proper depth of V-section is made to increase the grip & the life of belt.
  • V-belt used are made of good quality like Fenner, Zimpex, Alaska etc. of standard company.
  • Cutter head is made out of 6 mm M.S plate and gear box out of 5mm M.S. plate.
  • Cutting Drum assembly is made out of 12 guage good quality M.S. sheet.
  • Trolley Loading assembly is made out of 16 & 14 gauge good quality M.S. sheet.
  • Cutting blade Gap from cutter head can be adjusted by adjusting blade holder base without the much use of pushing bolts.
  • Fodder Cutter shaft is of 60mm size and Thrower plates are made out of 5mm plates.
  • Machine chassis is made out of 4x2 M.S. channel bended hot of Tisco / Vizag company. Chassis can be removed after season from the machine by loosening the bolts and can be used as small trolley by fixing a wooden or M.S. sheet box on it.
  • Machine hook height is adjustable which can be adjusted according to the height of tractor hook.
  • Machine paint is done by spraying good quality paint like Addison or Dulux.

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